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About Me

My name is Samantha Ledesma, but you can call me Sam or Sammie! I am a 32 year old Asian American who resides in Los Angeles, California. I started crocheting over 10 years ago and have been "hooked" ever since. Crocheting has helped me unravel when I'm stressed, and has given me a creative outlet.

I enjoy selling at craft fairs, pop-ups, and conventions.  I have also been getting into designing my own patterns. I draw my inspiration from my favorite anime/TV/movies, as well as food and animals. As you can tell, I also enjoy puns!

Why Yarn Bubbles? Name Origin

At first, I originally came up with it because crochet involves yarn, and my favorite Powerpuff girl is Bubbles. But digging in deep, there is much more to it.

When I hear the word "bubbles" I think about cute little creations that come from a bubble wand that bring joy and are lovely to look at. Those are the same feelings my crochet hook and yarn bring to others.

Also, crochet is my favorite form of therapy. I become immersed in my own little "bubble" with my yarn as a temporary mental refuge from the world. Thus, Yarn Bubbles is the perfect name for what my artwork does for myself and for others!

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